Toddler Reflexology classes are conducted in a group setting with other parents in a range of venues around North Shropshire. The classes are fully interactive, so you can learn and bond with your child at the same time.

You will learn a series of specially adapted reflexology and massage techniques originally developed for increasing bonding between parents and children, incorporating songs and nursery rhymes. Further development of the techniques has enabled parents to also help ease and relieve many normal discomforts such as stomach troubles, sleep problems and teething discomfort.

Reflexology on infants is completely safe, drug-free and non invasive. It is designed as a fun follow on from Baby Reflex where the techniques are performed on the hands rather than the feet and targeted towards children aged 9 months and over.

Toddler Reflex is run through a series of 3 weekly workshops, where you will learn the Toddler Reflex techniques for you to use on your own child. These are held in a range of venues around North Shropshire including Shawbury Village Hall and Radbrook Community Centre.

Each week there is a different focus and the reflexology techniques have been simplified, making it easier for you to learn, remember and use on your child.

Price is £25 for the full three week course (3 x 30 minute sessions)

See the Upcoming Events page to see where toddler reflexology courses are being held or you can arrange a 1:1 session in your own home (price may differ for 1:1, geographical restrictions apply).

What's Included

You will be provided with a parent pack which details all the course information and written instructions for all the reflexology techniques. You will also receive a certificate of attendance which you have the opportunity to put your child's hand prints on using non-toxic paints.

Toddler Reflexology, 3 week Course E-gift Certificate