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Coronavirus Pandemic UK

Updated 14/06/2021

The latest update from the Government has announced that England will begin stage 3 of reopening from the third national lockdown from 17th May. There are no changes to the guidance for personal care services (reflexology treatments and home visits). The limit for numbers attending parent and child classes will be relaxed to 30 adults from 15, however, with social distancing rules still in play numbers will still be restricted for some time due to the size of venues. The next date for reviewing the restrictions is scheduled for 19th July.

I will continue to follow guidance from the government, WHO, NHS and professional bodies to make sure I am able to provide the same quality of services with maximum safety towards hygiene and safety.

The government have released the guidance for 'close contact services' such as massage and reflexology on the website. You can find this information HERE.

Keeping Everyone Safe During Home Visits

Consultation Forms
Consultation forms will no longer be written by hand as paper copies, these have been transferred onto digital forms created using Google Documents. Google Forms are GDPR compliant and will be stored safely with a 2 point authenticator. The consultation forms will ask questions about personal details and medical details, an extra section has been added to ask Covid specific questions surrounding risk of infection and potential symptoms from yourself and those within your household. Consultation forms will be emailed out to clients 24 hours prior to their appointment booking.

PPE and Uniform
My uniform will consist of a simple scrub style top and black trousers which can be washed at 60 degrees and changed after every client. I will be wearing a plastic visor/safety goggles which will be cleaned with disinfectant after every client along with a type II face mask. Clients are required to wear a face covering unless medically exempt. Non-latex gloves will be worn if hand washing facilities cannot be provided.

Payment of Services
Cash will no longer be an accepted form of payment. You will be able to pay by BACS, gift voucher or Paypal prior to the appointment booking.

I will continue to use my folding reflexology chair which will be disinfected before and after each use. It will be covered in a washable cover and towels/blankets will be kept to a minimum. Towels, blankets, covers and individual portions of foot wax will be bought into the clients home in a 'wash bag'. When the treatment has finished everything will go back into the wash bag along with any rubbish and sealed. You may wish to provide your own blankets and extra coverings if you feel you may get chilly.

Treatment Time
It has been suggested that treatment times be reduced if there is insufficient ventilation in the rooms treatments are being given in, with this in mind it is important that if I am to be in your home for longer than 90 minutes (for 1-2-1 home visits for baby courses) then the room must be well ventilated. If this cannot be achieved then the session will need to be reduced in time or split into more than 1 session.

Additional People
It is advised that there are no other people present in the same room at the time of the treatment, the only exceptions are if you require a chaperone due to care needs or are under the age of 18 and need parental guidance.

Please ensure the room you wish to have your treatment conducted in is well ventilated by creating good air flow. This can be achieved by opening windows and doors. Just using a fan would not be suitable as this may just recirculate air around the room without creating a clean air flow. This will understandably make your home chillier so please wrap up warm and have extra blankets to hand.

Access To Your Home
I will stay in my car until you are ready for me to enter your home, please open all doors so I don't have to touch door handles, etc. I will put my equipment down in the room being used for the treatment and immediately wash my hands. If you are unable to provide hand washing facilities please let me know when booking and gloves will be used for your appointment.

Track and Trace
The government has requested that if contacted by the track and trace service that contact details of people I have been in contact with must be passed on to help prevent the further spread of Covid-19. This is a legal requirement and part of my terms and conditions of returning to work, by booking an appointment with me you are consenting to your details being passed to track and trace.


I will be testing myself using the home lateral flow kits twice a week and uploading my results to the official reporting channels. You may wish to request my latest testing information for piece of mind. 


Keeping Everyone Safe During Group Classes


Each venue has it's own risk assessment and implement measures in different ways to help stop the spread of Covid-19. They have all clearly set out social distancing measures with taping and signs, one way systems, toilet facility procedures and hand sanitising stations throughout. Please be respectful of the measures in each venue as those not following the rules may be asked not to return to future classes.

Social Distancing Measures

Class sizes are kept small to accommodate the need for social distancing. Depending on the size of the hall being used there may only be space for 5-6 parents but other venues may have space for up to 8-10. Yoga mats will be placed on the floor 2 metres apart from each other with clear access to entrances and exits. Following the venues one way system will also help with social distancing measures.

Consultation Forms And Training Materials

Consultation forms will be emailed to the email address used to book your course ticket, these will be a link for a Google form which will ask for your child's personal information and medical history. It will also ask you some covid specific questions to make sure you are safe to attend classes. Course handouts and resources will also be emailed but you can request for a paper copy to be sent to your home address if preferred.

Face Coverings

The government guidance states that you must wear a face covering in indoor settings where you are mixing with people outside of your own bubble. Therefore you will need to wear a face covering when entering and exiting the venue, also when moving around the venue ie: going to the toilet. As it is also important for social connections for your baby to see your face during classes you are able to remove your face covering once you are settled on your mat.


Yoga mats will be provided for classes and will be set out 2 metres apart. You may wish to bring your own toys for baby, blankets/towels or a cushion to make yourselves more comfortable.

Track and Trace

The government has requested that if contacted by the track and trace service that contact details of people I have been in contact with must be passed on to help prevent the further spread of Covid-19. This is a legal requirement and part of my terms and conditions, by booking a class with me you are consenting to your details being passed to track and trace. Venues will have QR codes displayed throughout so you can use those in the NHS Track and Trace app.


Classes and consultations via online platforms such as Zoom for some services will resume as an alternative to those who do not wish to, or are unable to, attend group classes. You can find a full list of planned classes HERE or you can book a private 1-2-1 by contacting me directly.

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