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Baby Reflexology can be offered as a private 1-1 in your own home, a set of private online sessions or as a private group class with other parents in a venue of your choosing. The classes are fully interactive, so you can learn and bond with your baby at the same time.

You will learn a series of specially adapted reflexology and massage techniques originally developed for increasing bonding between parents and babies. Further development of the techniques has enabled parents to also help ease and relieve many normal baby discomforts such as colic, reflux, sleep problems and teething troubles.

Reflexology on infants is completely safe, drug-free and non invasive. It can be used from 4 weeks of age once you and baby have had a chance to settle after birth, up to 9 months of age. After 9 months the techniques can be adapted to include the hands with nursery rhymes and songs.

Baby Reflex is split into three sections covering the main areas of interest for parents - feeding and digestion, sleeping and comfort and general well-being.


Private 1-2-1 - 1 x 90 minute session £45

Private set of online sessions - 3 x 40 minute sessions £45

Private group class (minimum 4 participants) - 1 x 90 minute session or 3 x 45 minute sessions £27.50pp



What's Included

You will be provided with a parent pack which details all the course information and written instructions for all the reflexology techniques.
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Baby Reflexology 1:1 E-Voucher