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Children's Reflex has been developed to help older children where their parents may wish to create their own treatments at home to help with sleep issues, digestive problems and improving mental health. A specialised treatment plan can be devised with expert guidance and support from myself to help you create a relaxing experience for your children aged 2-16. 

You may wish to be taught the techniques in the absence of your child there in order to find the most responsive time for them in the home environment, as you may find your child is more open to a treatment when they are tired and quiet before bed time. I will give you the skills to provide a wonderfully nurturing experience for both of you.

Children's Reflex can be delivered where a simple treatment plan will be agreed and practiced with resources and notes. It can also be offered as a more in depth learning experience which will involve 2 x 1 hour sessions, an additional catch up session can be held via video call if required. We will agree on a treatment plan and you will be given all resources and a weekly diary to record any changes in things like mood, sleep and digestion.

This is a mobile service within the areas of most of North Shropshire, including Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry, Whitchurch and surrounding towns and villages or it can be completed as an online video class.

Please contact me for more information. Price is available on request.

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